FIVE times the revenue of a typical escape room

Awesome CUBE puzzle boxes, with the ability to generate 5 times the potential revenue per square meter than a traditional escape room! Each box has beautiful, engaging puzzles with integrated lighting, sound and movement effects

Cube, Small Box, Big Profits.

A complete set, has a capacity of 50 people. With 10 boxes in use, and 2 free boxes for the first team who finishes the box.

Boost Income

Up to 50 Players per set (the game can be played by a group 2-50 per set)


An average team can solve 4-6 boxes in 90 minutes, this encourages them to return to solve the other boxes


Quick to set up, with all boxes having batteries to keep them running where no power is available.


Up to 70 special, individually crafted games and opening mechanisms per set of 12.

Small Footprint

12 cubes just takes 60m2, so Cube gets 5 times the return that a typical escape room based on the space to capacity!

No Ongoing Costs

No license fees, no revenue split. So once you own it, it’s yours forever. The need for support is very low, but if you need us we’re here with free support.

Ready to make big profits with little boxes?

puzzle boxes

"Far to fun for it's own good, remind me to bring bolt cutters next time"

Two players playing Cube

Cube Mystery is proud to be part of the Zone Group of Companies. So if you want us to help with more than our amazing puzzle boxes, just let our team know and we can look at helping you with award-winning Laser Tag equipment, Mind Blowing VR attractions, Exceptional Mini Golf, Entralling Escape rooms, and vibrant decorations. 

So in short, we can sort your everything!